February 2019
February Satsang - Date Change
DATE CHANGE:  Due to the fact that so many of our Magdalena Students are at the Kumbh Mela this week we have changed the date of our February satsang gathering to Sunday February 24  from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST.   

While in India Mary had an opportunity to speak with Sai Maa about the Magdalena Program. In addition, Mary has just returned from time in Israel and is looking forward to sharing with you about the town of Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalena. Together we will share about Mary - myths, legends and how to speak about Mary Magdalena and her role in the Grand Design. Bring your questions, your ideas and let’s satsang!

Note: You will receive a reminder email with log-in information a few days before the webinar.

Path of a Magdalena Groups Update
The first Sunday of every month at 3pm Eastern Time, Sai Maa is activating a quality of Mary Magdalena for everyone who participates in the Path of a Magdalena program. This program is open to everyone and is only $15 a month for this amazing experience. The recording is available for you to access and repeat throughout the month.

We designed this as a way for you to easily create groups of your own, where you Satsang on the month’s activated quality. (For example, in February Lucinda spoke on "power.")  This is a great way for you to teach and share the Magdalena energies with others in your area. It is also an opportunity to show to Maa that you are capable of becoming a teacher of this work.

Note: your students would not need to be part of the Path of a Magdalena in order to participate with your group.   

Our goal is to make the Shakti of Mary Magdalena available to as many people as possible around the globe. Please help us to spread the word by sharing on facebook etc.  
So far we have over 300 registered on the calls each month.
Let’s set a goal of 1,000 this year!

Update on Advanced Magdalena Program for 2019-2020
We are working on the Advanced Magdalena program and will send out information as soon as it is ready. The program will begin in April 2019.   Sai Maa will be offering us another activation at the Global Unity Gathering December 6-8 in Naples, FL.  Full program details are coming soon!!
Magdalena Ambassadors
Help spread our Magdalena movement by serving as a Magdalena Ambassador!
Enrollment for this year’s Magdalena Practitioner Program is now open! We ask that you share program information with anyone you believe may be interested in becoming a Magdalena Practitioner by copying and pasting this link: into an email to potential Magdalenas.

Remember that those who have received sessions from you may be particularly drawn to the Magdalena frequencies and to becoming practitioners.  

As a thank you  for your support in spreading the frequencies around the globe, for every person who enrolls and lists your name in the "referred by" field we will provide you with a $50 credit (for current Sai Maa students) or $100 credit (for those who are new to Sai Maa) which will go towards your advanced-year tuition.

There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make. In March, we will provide you with the names of those who listed you as their referral for verification. Help us to grow our Magdalena community and fill the globe with the Magdalena frequencies!

Advanced Energy Awareness Weekend Reminder
In November we had our first Advanced Energy Weekend taught by Rajeshwari Dasi, Kerstin Schoen and Maggie Freel. This program was so powerful that we will be offering it again in 2019. This program is required before you can be evaluated to hold the head during a Magdalena session.

During the weekend we learned about the brain structures and how to increase our:
  • Awareness of and ability to manage  your internal state during Magdalena sessions
  • Understanding of the anatomy of the brain, brain wave states and their relationship to consciousness
  • Beginning awareness and experience of integrating this knowledge into the Magdalena protocol

Space is limited so please register early!

Please enter YEAR2STUDENT to receive the reduced price of $450.

March 12-14 in Brussels, Belgium
Weekend of May 30-June 3 in Denver, Colorado  

Registration is not yet open for this weekend. Click below to be put on the priority list for Denver.
Reminder: Join the Magdalena Society
We now have 77  students certified as Magdalena Practitioners, and 111 are in the Magdalena Society.  So, if you have not yet completed your 25 practice sessions, minimally join the Society!  All you need to do to join the Magdalena Society is to sign documents and pass your ethics exam. This is a link to your ethics manual and here is the link to the Ethics Quiz.  (Please know that you can take the exam more than once.)  You are almost there!
Update on Magdalena Trips
We have been working diligently to prepare the Magdalena trips. Information will be sent as soon as possible. Only 25 spots are available for the first trip so if you wish to attend you will need to register immediately.  Keep an eye on your emails in the next few weeks.

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