May 2020
Next Webinar
The next Beloved Companion Webinar based on our course book:
The Gospel of THE BELOVED COMPANION: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene
by Jehanne De Quillan

Date: Sunday June 14 at 12:30 PM EDT  

Topic: Wisdom

You will receive a reminder email with the link a few days prior to the webinar.

Magdalena Circles
Everyone should now be assigned to a Magdalena Circle. Continue your reflections with the focus on Judgement and Wrath replacing those with Love & Compassion. See homework below.
To be clear, there are no particular assigned readings for these circles, each participant can bring to them their own experiences and even excerpts from readings that expand on these teachings. We are encouraging each group to work together to create a meaningful and enriching experience.

Here are our Homework Questions to continue to meditate upon:
  • What are you seeing about judgement & wrath in your daily life?
  • How often are you saying or feeling “this shouldn’t be”? (The resistance to what is)
  • Are you acknowledging the point of light in everything?
  • What practical action will you take this month from Love & Compassion?
  • How would ascending from Judgement & Wrath to Love & Compassion change your life?
  • Practice the Chakra 1: Healing Meditation once a day until the next Webinar.
The audio recording is located just below the Webinar #1 Video box in your courses.
Path of a Magdalena
There was some confusion about accessing the May Path of a Magdalena program. The program is always scheduled to be released at 3:00 PM EDT on the first Sunday of each month. You can use the link from the reminder email from any month (which takes you to your log in page), or you can just log into your online account and find the Path of a Magdalena program there.
Note: This is a recorded program that becomes activated at the time of release. You receive that activation at any time you are able to view it. Additionally, if you are able to view it at the scheduled release time, there is an amplified group experience vortex that is created.

If you have any difficulties with logging in or finding your programs please contact

Magdalena Meditation Groups
Please complete the following survey letting us know if you are offering Magdalena Meditation groups virtually.
Telegram Channel
We have an Advanced Magdalena Telegram Channel for official notices and program announcements. We are asking that ALL advanced students sign up for this channel so that you do not miss out, especially if we have last minute programs.
Offers from the Boutique
This month, use Sai Maa’s own homeopathic formulas to support your work in the shift from wrath and judgement to love and compassion. Use throughout the day to bring awareness to patterns, bring new ones to surface, and empower and activate these divine qualities within you!

Love Essence was specifically formulated to serve in embodying the frequency of Divine Love.

Magdalena Presence Essence was formulated to clear your energetic system, activate Christ consciousness, and amplify within you the qualities of love, devotion, surrender, action, tenderness and power.

Use code COMPASSION in the boutique to save 30% on Love Essence and Magdalena Presence Essence through midnight MT on June 31st.

In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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