June 2020

Greetings Dear Magdalenas and a Happy joy filled Summer to each one of you.
Beloved Companion Webinar #2 - Wisdom
June 14 - 12:30 PM EDT.  

Moving up to the 2nd Bough, our theme will be looking with awareness to free ourselves from Ignorance and Intolerance and embodying the fruit of Wisdom and Understanding as we traverse the second gate.   
You will receive an email with the Links/dial in information soon.

Advanced Program Requirement - Accountability Partners
Path of Discipleship
Having an accountability partner is a requirement.   
  • The Minimum to meet is once per month (feel free to do more if inspired).
  • There is much flexibility in how you interact with your partner  ie. Telegram, phone, emails, zoom.
  • Suggestions for accountability: You may find it most helpful to pick one or two personal behaviors/patterns or daily practices/sadhana that you wish to be held accountable for.   

Path of Embodiment
Having an accountability partner is not a requirement but you can still choose to have a partner for sharing more deeply or just for additional support. (Optional)

If you have not already chosen a partner you can add your name to this spreadsheet and see who else is looking. Please reach out to Magdalena support if you need any assistance at

Request from Sai Maa

Sai Maa is requesting that all of the Magdalena students read the book: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Clare Heartsong. Maa is asking that you satsang with each other about different paragraphs of the book. Please add this to your discussions in your Magdalena Circles.

Important Update
Due to the corona virus you may now do all of your 25 sessions for certification remotely.
Telegram Channel
We have a Magdalena Telegram Channel for official notices and program announcements. We are asking that ALL advanced students sign up for this channel so that you do not miss out, especially if we have last minute programs and updates.
In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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