October 2020
Beloved Companion Webinar #5- CLARITY
Sunday November 8, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Continuing our journey through the chakras, we move up to the 5th Bough- the hardest gate of ALL. Let us welcome CLARITY and TRUTH of the soul.

Log-In information will be sent in an e-mail and also available on our Telegram channel.

Essential Tools for Authentic Relationships and True Fulfillment
Maybe you're a healthcare professional focused on making sure your patients understand your advice. A business person conducting meetings. Or the parent of a teenager--phew!--aiming for a genuine connection with your child.

This workshop will teach practical tools you can use now. In every area of your life.
No matter how many communication systems you may have studied, you will surely gain new insight, understanding, and know-how through this program.

    ……..that impacts every interaction you have.

……..your feelings and needs in ANY situation, while staying connected to others

……..from a place of clarity, staying true to your own intentions.

Presented by Caroline Houle and Mary Sise

Save the Date: Saturday October 24, 2020
Time: 10 AM-3 PM Eastern
Will be offered Remotely!
Recording of this program will be available thru March 31, 2021.

Remember this program is open to the public so please share this link with your friends:   

"The greatest danger in communication is the illusion that you've achieved it"
~George Bernard Shaw
Magdalena Light Circle
For the first week in October the Magdalena Light Circles leadership team reports:
  • 117 Magdalena Practitioners offering in the Light Circles
  • 1100 recipients receiving LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT!!!

Big gratitude offered to all who are participating to make this endeavor such a success. Here is some of the amazing feedback we are receiving.


  • "The most amazing energy enveloped me. I saw this beautiful fuchsia red all around me and Mary Magdalena completely enveloped me. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life." ~C.E.

  • "My body is still buzzing and I feel like I'm in a Magdalena Hotspring. And of course my frequency is lifted up, too!" ~unknown

Request support from the Circle here:

~A Call to be a part of the Support Team~

We welcome all Initiated Magdalenas who desire to dive more deeply into the grace of the Divine Mother’s heart to join the Magdalena Light Circle Support Team.

Members of the Support Team will share their gifts as facilitators, coordinators and other supportive roles on Thursdays. Guidance and coaching will be offered for the support team members. If this new opportunity resonates with you, please email Elodie Berthomieu at or check the Initiated Magdalena telegram channel for more details.


Please delete the old link and replace with this new one:

Meeting ID: 886 5159 9942
Passcode: 618784
Global Unity Gathering

Energy Sessions with Her Holiness Sai Maa

This December, uplift your internal state, establish deep connections, and unleash the unstoppable you over four profoundly transformative days.

ONLINE event dates: December 3-6, 2020

Very Special offer for any NEW being (or two or three) you bring to the Global Event $197
Use this Code: Magdalenafriend

Sai Maa Energy Sessions during the Global Unity Event

Sai Maa works with planetary energy for the enlightenment of us all. These sessions will involve specific seeds of light, love, and consciousness.These energy sessions are open to all.
Activation for Advanced Magdalena Students in the Path of Discipleship
The accountability survey for your course participation will be sent to you soon. Please fill out the form as soon as you can.

Please note: one of the requirements for the Activation is that you are a member of the Magdalena Healing Society. If you are not already a member and have not sent in your application yet, please begin that process.

One more reminder: You will need a set of clean white clothes for the Initiation.

More information coming on date and time.

In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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