April 2021
Satsang 1
Sunday, April 18 - 3:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Please attend live if you are able for this Interactive call

Please remember that it is important to arrange your schedule so that you can attend the webinars and satsangs live. Sai Maa is aware of each time we come together and pours specific Shakti into us and into our Grid to assist us in our capacity to embody these energies. As you know, these energies are very powerful, and it is important to consistently expand our capacity.
In addition, Satsang gatherings offer you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about the program, especially around content of the most recent webinar or module program. We have designed the calls to be a conversation, so please come ready to share.
You will receive login information a few days prior to the satsang.
Path of a Magdalena
First Sunday of the Month - 3:00 PM Eastern Time
Activating the divine qualities that Mary Magdalena embodied

A monthly program hosted by our beloved Diane Breneman exploring one of the divine Magdalena qualities in conversation with a special guest. Before each program, an energetic field is created so we can each experience a personal encounter of the Magdalena energies within ourselves. Then use the Path of a Magdalena Journal to help you stay connected to the frequencies of Mary Magdalena throughout the month if you choose.

You can use the link from the reminder email from any month (which takes you to your log-in page), or you can just log into your student online account and find the Path of a Magdalena program there.  

Note: This is a recorded program that becomes activated at the time of release. You receive that activation at any time you are able to view it. Additionally, if you are able to view it at the scheduled release time, there is an amplified group experience vortex that is created.
Register for Path of Magdalena The Path of a Magdalena - Magdalena Healing
Magdalena Light Circle
  • The Magdalena Light Circle was created by Magdalena Practitioners in 2020 as a gift to humanity offering a gateway to awakening the Divine Feminine.
  • The Magdalena Light Circle is another avenue for awareness of the Magdalena Practitioner Program as well as furthering our collective mission of global enlightenment.
  • The Magdalena Light Circle experience is a way to receive a “taste” of the Magdalena frequencies. We invite you to add your own name and the names of friends and family who you know would want to receive.
  • Requests remain on the list for one month.

Click here for more information and to add names to receive from the Magdalena Light Circle
Magdalena Light Circle - Magdalena Healing

Mary Magdalena Deep Dive
Two Recommended Books for Further Study

I Remember Union By Flo Aeveia Magdalena
A student favorite.
Beautifully poetic and alive with a high frequency, I Remember Union, is an inspiring channeled re-telling of Mary Magdalene’s life. This book is full of the love and magic held in the divine feminine grid that has transcended time and space for over 2000 years. Many read this book over and over again.

Mary Magdalene- Insights from Ancient Magdala by Jennifer Ristine
This book takes the reader even deeper into the historical woman now known as Mary Magdalene and takes us deeper into the ancient town of Magdala itself. There are wonderful photos of the excavated first century town and synagogue, but this book is much more. The author has done extensive research, and has given us a new perspective on Mary of Magdala separating fact from fiction.

Both are available on Amazon.

Activated by Sai Maa for you
To activate the Magdalena Frequencies daily with THE INVITATION process
remember to purchase this Mary Magdalena image activated by Sai Maa.
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