April 2021
“My goal with that vortex of you
is that you be awakened together,

you be enlightened together,
and you are a vortex to be used
for humanity in its fullness.”

                                                       ~H. H. Sai Maa, 2020 initiation

NEW Magdalenas and Returning Advanced Magdalenas

Welcome to the New Advanced Magdalena Program 2021-2022

Through dedication with our personal sadhana, hours of study, sharing in satsang and serving gracefully through Magdalena Energy Sessions, the Magdalena Light Circle and our newest way to offer the divine feminine frequencies, the Magdalena Blessing, we each have expanded our frequencies and capacity for love and for giving.

And now together as One Heart we fully welcome with Gratitude this year’s embrace of the Magdalena Lineage. In this program, we will explore the mystical practices and powerful goddess lineage at the core of the Magdala tradition. We welcome each one of you as we further our transformation into Living Temples of the Divine Feminine.

Mark your Calendar
 Webinar Dates for 2021-2022

 All times are 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Sunday, April 18 2021
Sunday, June 27, 2021
Saturday, August 14. 2021
Saturday, October 9, 2021
Saturday, December 11, 2021
Saturday, February 12, 2022

We invite you to arrange your schedule, if you are able, so that you can attend the webinars live. Sai Maa is aware of each time we come together and pours specific Shakti into us and into the Magdalena grid to assist us in our capacity to strengthen our embodiment of the Magdalena frequencies.  
Very Important Information
You Need to know for this Next Year
Links to Join All our Telegram Channels

NEW Telegram Channel for
the 2021-2022
Advanced Magdalena Program

This channel will offer Official announcements and reminders

If you were in last year's Advanced program
make sure you

Initiated Magdalenas
Telegram Group:
  • A sacred space of Magdalena community
  • Our forum of sharing and offering support through connection and discussion
  • Magdalena News and Events only, please
  • Includes Thursday Magdalena Light Circle reminders and other updates

Magdalena Blessing
Telegram Group:
  • Add your requests or find requests for those in need
  • Only takes a few minutes to offer remotely through the Magdalena Quantum field
  • Offer a Magdalena Blessing anytime from anywhere
Click here to see the simple Protocol for offering a Magdalena Blessing
Remote Magdalena Sessions + Dignity Seva
Telegram Group (optional):
A call for seva will be posted here to offer a Magdalena session
  • It may come from the Program Admin team to serve Students in Magdalena programs
  • We have served essential health care workers during Covid-19
  • Some have served beings at their end-of-life in the form of Dignity Seva
  • Remember Mary Sise has requested we only offer one on one sessions at this time.  
  • No sessions with multiple practitioners. Thank You.
Magdalena Discussion Circles
For Meditation Leaders Path
  • You will be assigned to a Magdalena Discussion Circle with other Path of Meditation Leader program participants.
  • Additionally, Advanced Magdalena Students from last year can also choose to maintain participation of your Magdalena Discussion Circle from last year. You can do BOTH if you choose to. We understand the bonds that are created and honor those wishing to continue.
  • Partner of Accountability - Please choose a partner of Accountability from others in the Meditation Leader Path. Meet monthly for at least 15 minutes or more if you like. Use this time together to set personal goals for your personal transformation for this year and be accountable to the actions and goals you set for yourself.

For Path of Discipleship and Path of Embodiment
  • Students from last year can also choose to maintain participation with your discussion circle from last year. Or you may request a new group. Discussion Circle members decide on how many times to meet. It can be weekly or bi-monthly but the minimum is a monthly connection.
  • For newly Initiated Magdalenas joining the Advanced Program for the first time, you will need to be set-up in a Magdalena Discussion Circle.
  • If you wish to be assigned to a new Magdalena Circle, please complete the following short survey by April 18th: Magdalena Circle Survey Please note this applies to all Magdalenas who wish to be placed in a new circle.
  • Partner of Accountability - You also need a partner of accountability. Meet monthly for at least 15 minutes or more if you like. Use this time together to set personal goals for your personal transformation for this year and be accountable to the actions and goals you set for yourself.

Send any questions/ requests to Lisa concerning discussion groups at 

Path of a Magdalena
First Sunday of the Month - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Activating the divine qualities that Mary Magdalena embodied

A monthly program hosted by our beloved Diane Breneman diving deep into the divine qualities held by Mary Magdalena. Before each program, an energetic field is created so we can each experience a personal encounter of the Magdalena energies within. Then use the Path of a Magdalena Journal to help you stay connected to the frequencies of Mary Magdalena throughout the month.

You can use the link from the reminder email from any month (which takes you to your log-in page), or you can just log into your online account and find the Path of a Magdalena program there.
Note: This is a recorded program that becomes activated at the time of release. You receive the activation at any time you are able to view it. Additionally, if you are able to view it at the scheduled release time, there is an amplified group experience vortex that is created.

This program is included with your Advanced Magdalena Program Registration
Need Support?
All questions relating to technical issues or with accessing course content on the website should be sent to

Please direct all other questions to

In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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