June 2021
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Sunday June 27  1:00 PM Eastern

Together we continue deepening our relationship with our Magdalena lineage.
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Discussion Circle Satsang
Isis - The Goddess of Healing

  • Satsang with one another what you are experiencing about the Goddess Isis?
  • How are you relating to Isis?
  • With the experience of connecting to Isis - how then do you take that into ACTION?

One group reported that in sharing more deeply with one another the Energy of Isis became more embodied within themselves. There was a powerful experience in sharing.
Connecting to Goddess Isis
For Inspiration

Goddess Isis Ancient Egyptian Instrumental - Used in Webinar #1

Goddess of Healing - Isis - Ambient Meditation Track                                                             

Magdalena Sessions - New Approved Music
Many of these tracks are also available on Spotify and iTunes



Robert Gass
Highlight from the Magdalena Healing Website
This video was recorded during our powerful Magdalena Activation in January of 2020. Use this tool to focus your attention on the Magdalena Frequencies.
As part of the lineage of Magdalenas, now is the perfect time to acknowledge and honor those who have served. We have a variety of Ascended Master prints to add to your puja, bringing their energy into your home. Isis Print shown above.

It’s also the perfect time to remove any obstacles that stand between you and deeper embodiment of these energies.

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In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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