June 2019
Magdalena Activation
The date has now been set for the activation with Sai Maa at the Global Unity Gathering. It will take place Thursday, December 5 at approximately 2:00 pm. Register now for the gathering.

Early bird rate through June 30
Special Teaching From Achyutananda Das:
Listening Grace

In the month of May, we had a powerful program from Achyutananda Das (Dr. Adam Rizvi) in The Path of a Magdalena.

Remember that we now post some content every month ONLY on our: Path of a Magdalena Facebook page.

Last month, Achyutananda Das gave us an incredible teaching on Mother Mary’s state of "Listening Grace."

This one is so powerful that we want to make sure everyone in our Advanced Magdalena Program views it.

Each month, we post short, moving videos just like this one on the private facebook page for the Path of a Magdalena.

Please join our private Path of a Magdalena page and follow our posts to make sure you see them all!

Next Satsang
We will gather for our next Satsang on Saturday June 29 at 12:00 pm EDT. Clare Sheehan will be with us to answer any questions on the homeopathy webinar. We will also share program updates, the new student website, and would love to hear how your Magdalena sessions are going!
Advanced Energy Awareness Weekend
The program with Rajeshwari Maa and Mary Sise in Denver had to be postponed to July 19-21. If you were not registered before and are available to join us that weekend, you can view more information with the button below.
Next Book Club
On Sunday, June 23 at 2:00 pm EDT, we will continue with our discussion of Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala.

We will discuss Part 3: The Mystery of Mary Magdalene.

If you have not yet signed up for the book club, click the link below to sign up and receive the dial in information.

Final Call For Israel Trip
There are only a few spots left, don’t be left out.  Join us to anchor the energies of Mary Magdalena in these sacred places. We will go to Magdala, see the caves where the Essenes lived, Jerusalem, and more.
Water Units
A crucial part of the work as you continue to embody the Magdalena frequencies more and more is caring for the physical body. I have heard Maa say many times that drinking wet water is an essential part of achieving and maintaining full body health.

These portable units create structured, alkaline, "wet" water that is energetically alive and optimally  absorbed by the cells, and they are small and easy to travel with.

Structured water contains negatively charged hydrogen ions, which help move the body back into an alkaline state. Drinking it may improve vitamin and mineral absorption, as well as hydration.

[VIDEO] How does the portable water unit work?

Read more here: Benefits of Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water

The special reduced cost for Magdalena students is $250 (including free shipping), a significant discount from the retail price of $397.

Questions? Interested in structured water shower units, under sink units and whole house units at a significant discount? Please contact

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