June 2019
Magdalena Initiation
The date has now been set for the Initiation with Sai Maa at the Global Unity Gathering. It will take place Thursday, December 5 at approximately 2:00 pm. Register now for the gathering.

Early bird rate through June 30
Supporting the Body with Movement
After May’s webinar led by Achyutananda Das and Sophie Michaud educating us about our physical preparation for the Magdalena energies, we are delighted to share two free resources for you to get your body moving.  

  • Jayendra Das has an instructional DVD named Tai Chi for Illumination and has graciously agreed to share several of the movement flows in one video. To learn about Jayendra Das’ work, visit (in French) or send an email to

  • Miranda Esmonde-White, a Magdalena student and New York Times bestselling author, has gifted us her "Classical Stretch" 25-minute movement video (in English). To learn about Miranda’s work, visit

You can also view both of these videos in the membership site, in the "Audio & Video" section. Access this page from the course menu after you log in.
Next Satsang Information
Our next Satsang will be on Sunday, June 29. This Satsang is actually an amazing recording that Achyutananda and Lalita offered on the physical body. After you listen to it, please email us with any questions you may have for them and we will ask them!

You will find your satsang recording in your online student learning center at 11:00 am EDT on Saturday, June 29.  

Final Call For Israel Trip
We recently took a trip to Mary Magdalena’s Grotto in the south of France. As we walked with the other Magdalenas, the power and presence of Maa, Mary, Jesus and St. Germain was so palpable. Each step we took on the land with awareness and our intention anchored the energies we were initiated in, and we realized this is "the work."
One of our students reported:

   "In the grotto I saw Mary, Maa, Jesus and St. Germain and there was a huge pillar of Light coming down from the heavens to the earth."  

We are now planning for our next trip to Israel, November 3-9, 2019.

Together, as a community of Magdalenas, we will walk this sacred land. With the Shakti of Sai Maa guiding our steps, we will serve as sacred vessels to re-awaken the Magdalena energies and embody the teachings rooted in this sacred place.

Currently this trip is open to Initiated Magdalena students.  However, if there are spots left, first year Magdalena students will have the option to attend. If you are interested in being put on a waitlist in case a spot becomes available, please click the link below.

Water Units
A crucial part of the work as you continue to embody the Magdalena frequencies more and more is caring for the physical body. I have heard Maa say many times that drinking wet water is an essential part of achieving and maintaining full body health.

These portable units create structured, alkaline, "wet" water that is energetically alive and optimally  absorbed by the cells, and they are small and easy to travel with.

Structured water contains negatively charged hydrogen ions, which help move the body back into an alkaline state. Drinking it may improve vitamin and mineral absorption, as well as hydration.

[VIDEO] How does the portable water unit work?

Read more here: Benefits of Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water

The special reduced cost for Magdalena students is $250 (including free shipping), a significant discount from the retail price of $397.

Questions? Interested in structured water shower units, under sink units and whole house units at a significant discount? Please contact

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