September 2021
Ethics and Legal Aspects of Practice Seminar
For Everyone AND especially for those Magdalena Practitioner Recertification and/or Healing Society Renewal

Two Dates are available for your Convenience
Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST
Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST

Hosted by Mary Sise, Diane Breneman and Toni Clow

An email with recertification and renewal details was sent a few weeks ago. Also you can check this list to see if your name is listed. List of students for Recertification and Membership Renewal end 2021.   

For Recertification/ Renewal credit- YOU MUST ATTEND LIVE !

ALL ARE WELCOME to attend the Ethics seminar.
Activation Readiness Survey Coming Soon
What is Your Alignment?

Each year a questionnaire is sent for a self-assessment of your participation in the Magdalena program and your personal daily practice. Use this time now to evaluate your alignment to the energies of Mary Magdalena and the entire lineage and refocus yourself where needed to achieve your personal goals.

Survey questions will include the following:
  • Daily Sadhana practice
  • Attended webinars and Magdalena Circles live and actively participated in them.
  • Met with accountability partner monthly
  • Transmute contracted energy/ Practice Consciousness Awareness/ Embody devotion
  • Maintain a healthy body
  • Embody the Magdalena frequencies
  • Sincerely participated
  • Ready to stand before Maa
Questions for Contemplation
Sekhmet - "The one who is Powerful"
After listening to Sai Maa (click on the image) contemplate these questions for yourself and discuss them in your Magdalena Circles.

Where are you resisting your power? Resisting Life?

How can you activate your true power and enjoy it in its fullness?

Are you embodying or resisting the qualities of the goddess within yourself ?

How can you release completely and relax into your openness and awareness and CELEBRATE YOU?
Sai Maa Boutique
Be Unstoppable

This month, you are working with Sekhmet and the inner strength of the third chakra. Continue this work and dive powerfully into life with the support of the I AM Unstoppable Essence!
This essence is activated by Sai Maa and is designed and formulated to serve in:      
  • Moving powerfully into action aligned with your Higher Self
  • Tapping into the wisdom inside and listening to your own guidance as well as that from your own Guides
  • Removing concepts of limitation and blockages that keep you from moving into action
  • Open and positive communication
  • Deeper awareness of and access to your role in the universe and the Grand Design

Save 25% using the code UNSTOPPABLEMAGDALENA at checkout, and activate the Sekhmet within!  I AM Unstoppable
In Service to the Feminine Divine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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