November 2019
Initiation Readiness Survey
You should have received an email with an Initiation readiness survey. Please take the time to honestly assess your participation in the program and readiness to receive the initiation.  Please complete by November 15 as a requirement for Initiation.
Magdalena Healing Society
As we mentioned in last months newsletter and in our Satsang call on October 20th, please be sure ALL of your documents are completed and submitted by Friday, November 15 to apply for the Magdalena Healing Society. All of the information is in your learning portal on the website.
Ethics Webinar
This course was developed by Maggie Freel, Mary Sise, and Toni Clow and contains critical information for energy workers.
David Feinstein’s, Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners
This book makes the topic of ethics "come alive" with over 50 sample dilemmas that energy healing practitioners have encountered over the years, and it offers guidance on how to "think things through" so that we carry the highest standards for our work.   It is critical that you develop the skills to safely work on clients with energy.
Read the Magdalena Code of Ethics
Ethical & Legal Responsibilities for Magdalena Energy Practitioners
Read the Code of Ethics

Ethical & Legal Responsibilities for Magdalena Energy Practitioners Created by Maggie Freel and Toni Clow specifically for the Magdalena Practitioner Program.

You can find it in your Magdalena Student Handbook as well as in your online student section.
Complete the Ethics Quiz
After reading all of the material, you must complete a quiz with an 80% or greater.  You may take it as many times as needed.

Magdalena Healing Society
Please review and complete the requirements including uploading a resume, passing the ethics test and signing the documents.
Magdalena Initiation Preparation
The Initiation is set for Thursday, December 5, at 2:30pm. Please plan to arrive at 2:00pm at the River of Grass Ballroom (main hall). It is important to be freshly showered with clean hair. Please arrive in silence, wearing clean white clothing, and shoulders covered.
$100 Discount on the Advanced Program in 2020
Most new Magdalena students come from you, current Magdalena Practitioners. Better than anyone, you know how your life has been transformed by these energies.

When you refer a friend and s/he registers for the 2020 program, you will receive a discount of $100 on the 2020 Advanced Program for each person you bring to the Practitioner Program.

To help you, we will be sending an email template that you can easily send out to your friends and contacts.

NOTE: This does not apply to someone who already plans to register for the program. Rather, it applies to those who come to the program through your sincere efforts.

Special Webinar: The Magdalena Experience
"The Magdalena Experience: Welcome the Power of Mary Magdalena in Your Life" is designed to introduce people to the Magdalena frequencies.

While the webinar will announce the opening of registration for the 2020 program, it is primarily focused on participants having an experience of the energies. I will be requesting that all the Magdalena students on the webinar activate the grid so your participation in this event is truly appreciated!

This webinar is intended to be a powerful way to share the healing energy of our program with your family and friends, so please invite them!

This gifted webinar will be offered twice. Register for one of the times listed below:

Sunday November 10, 2019, 11:00 a.m. MST / 1:00 p.m. EST
We need your help!
We are looking for individuals who wish to be more involved in creating the Advanced curriculum and spreading the energies of Mary Magdalena.   

Please use the button below to send us your ideas and let us know:
Yes, I want to be involved in being on the committee and making things happen
No, I don’t want to be on the committee but I have lots of ideas

We wish to hear from all of you!!

November Webinar: Save the date
Saturday, November 23, 2019

Our next webinar is set for Saturday November 23 at 9am MST/11amEST: Embodying the Magdalena Energies. More information will be sent prior to the call.
In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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