January 2020
Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

Dear Magdalenas,
After the powerful Activation with Sai Maa, we see that many Magdalenas are renewed in their commitment to embodying the Magdalena frequencies. As your passion grows and ideas begin to emerge, please feel free to reach out to us if there is a project you wish to initiate or an area you would love to be involved in.

Telegram Group
There is now a new telegram group titled  "Initiated Magdalenas". It is a place for ALL Magdalenas to share inspiring quotes, videos, memes, etc. We will use this channel to share and uplift one another, strengthening our Magdalena grid.  
Our Next Webinar
Liliane Cattalano will offer a webinar on Mary Magdalena and the goddess Kâlî: Power, Passion & Love. This webinar will be this Saturday, January 18 at 12:30pm EST.

Both Mary Magdalena and the goddess Kâli are expressions of the Divine Feminine, fully in service for the enlightenment of humanity, supporting everyone in owning the dark fear based energies inside, and stepping into the mastery of enlightening them as we enter 2020.

You will receive the log-in information prior to the webinar.

Book Club
We are so enjoying the book  The Gospel of the Beloved Companion.

We are discussing the different "gates" that Mary moved through within herself to reach her enlightenment, and how we too can face and transmute these lower frequency energies.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, January 26 at 2pm Eastern Time. These meetings are recorded and available for all of us in the courses section of the website.

Activated Magdalena Portrait
Activated personally by Sai Maa, these gorgeous portraits of Mary Magdalena painted by Britten are still available for students in the Magdalena program. Bring this elegant Shakti into your home to boost and enhance your daily practice.
Dynamically Enhanced Portable Water Unit
Interested in the Dynamically Enhanced water structuring units but missed the 30% off holiday sale? All Magdalena students and practitioners can receive $147 off the standard retail price of $397 (a 37% discount!) at any time by entering the code WETWATERMAGDALENA at checkout. With no filters to change or parts to replace, the $250 Dynamically Enhanced Portable Water Unit makes a great addition to all the ways you care for your physical body.
Share the Love, Grow the Grid
Remember that you will receive $100 toward the 2020 Advanced Magdalena Program for anyone you bring to the 2020 Magdalena Practitioner Program.*

Even more important, you will be expanding the powerful Magdalena energies on our planet.

Use our Magdalena Program page to share the program and answer questions about it. We are also happy to speak directly with anyone who has questions. Contact to arrange a phone call or other program support.

Our 2020 program begins on March 8.

* Note: This offer applies to anyone who has come to the program through your sincere efforts. It does not apply to friends already planning to join the program.
Coming Soon: New Advanced Program Offerings
Our Activation experience sparked a spirit of renewal in the program.

To keep this spirit alive, our program team is creating a whole new level of support for you.

In the months ahead, we will share more details about new Advanced Program offerings geared toward helping you anchor the Magdalena energies in your life. When your first year completes, you will have more than one way you can maintain your commitment to being embodying as a true Magdalena.
Save the Date: Magdalena Healing Day
Soon, we will host Communication for Co-creation.

This Magdalena Healing Day will focus on powerful communication tools to use in your life and your practice.

More details coming soon.
In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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