This is the first newsletter of the year!
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March 2020
We are delighted to welcome you to the first newsletter of 2020 for the Magdalena Practitioner Program. You can expect a newsletter to arrive monthly for the program’s duration. We use this newsletter as our primary method of providing you with the information you will need to successfully participate in this program.

It is essential that you review each newsletter. It will keep you:
  • updated on dates, times and log-ins for webinars, programs and satsang calls,
  • aware of opportunities to connect with one another,
  • informed of curriculum assignments and program requirements, and
  • able to take advantage of periodic special offerings exclusively for this program.
Satsang Reminder
Your first Satsang will be on April 11 at 11:00 am ET.

Please remember that it is important to arrange your schedule so that you can attend the webinars and satsangs live. Sai Maa is aware of each time we come together and pours specific Shakti into us and into our Grid to assist us in our capacity to embody these energies. As you know, these energies are very powerful, and it is important to consistently  expand our capacity.

In addition, Satsang gatherings offer you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about the program, especially around content of the most recent webinar or module on-site program. We have designed the calls to be a conversation, so please come ready to share.

April’s satsang will be on
Purifying the Personality.

Webinar Dates for the Year
Below is a list of the webinar and satsang dates for the year. Satsangs will be live and will be held at 11:00 am ET unless you are notified otherwise.

The webinars are recorded and full of important content for the program. We ask that you all watch at 11:00 am ET so the group vortex is active. We also suggest that you find your own way of deepening into the energy prior to the webinar. For example, you may wish to take a few minutes to sit in silence or go for a meditative walk before viewing the month’s content. Choose a practice that will assist you in reconnecting with the energies of Mary Magdalena.
Telegram Channel
We have created a specific Telegram channel for this year's class where we will send important reminders. You may also wish to create small group telegram channels to share with each other. We will discuss further how to do this during your weekend Module 1 Program.

Join the Magdalena Private Online Community
We are delighted to invite each of you to our private Facebook group for the Magdalena Practitioner Program. All students are welcome to post thoughts, sharings, questions, etc. as we navigate this year together. Post in the language that is most comfortable for you; we have a seva team translating content as possible, and Facebook has an automated feature that provides basic translation.

To participate in the group, you do have to maintain an active Facebook account. We hope that you will consider joining us, even if you are not a usual Facebook user. For support in accessing this group, please send an email to

About Privacy and Membership

This is a private Facebook Group only for students enrolled in the Magdalena Practitioner Program. This means that the group is not searchable to the general Facebook user. In essence, it is invisible without a direct invitation.

All content in the Magdalena Program, including anything posted in the Facebook group, is confidential and sacred to this specific program. Nothing may be shared outside of this program.

In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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