May 2021
Our Next Webinar
Sunday June 27 at 1:00 PM Eastern.
Registration Still Open
The 2021 Advanced Magdalena Program is still accepting registration applicants. If you know any Initiated Magdalena sisters or brothers who might be interested in joining with us this year please share this link with them.

Magdalena Discussion Circles
Everyone Needs to be in a Magdalena Discussion Circle

  • Those in the Meditation Leader Path are in their own Circles.
  • Those in Path of Discipleship or Embodiment can join together in the same Circle.
  • If you do not have a Circle use this link to be placed.

Magdalena Circle Survey

Please note this applies to all Magdalenas who wish to be placed in a new circle.
Magdalena Discussion Circle Guidelines

  • As we discover more and more about our Magdalena lineage continue to ask yourself and discuss in your Circles this question...   

Where are You in your resurrection story?

  • Discuss the Goddess Isis from any source readings. Begin to create a relationship with Isis. Call her in during meditation. Ask her to reveal herself to you.
  • Discussion circles must meet once a month minimum or more if agreed upon by your circle. Some groups meet weekly.
Accountability Partner Clarifications
aka your Personal Magdalena Cheerleader

Everyone must also have an Accountability Partner. Meditation Leaders, please choose someone in the Meditation path. Use this time together to support one another in setting personal transformation goals and/ or sadhana goals and encourage each other to hold fast to those goals.
A regular 15 minute monthly check-in is all that is required
2021 Advanced Magdalena Telegram Links
  • Click Here to Join the 2021 Advanced Magdalena Program Channel

Activation Ceremony at Global Unity Gathering
                  Save the Date
The Activation Ceremony during the Global Unity Gathering is December 16th. We recommend not booking your flight to Florida until we have on-site confirmation at some point later this year due to the world Covid situation still in fluctuation. Activation may happen on-site or virtually or some combination of both. Stay tuned for more details.
Seva Opportunity - Looking for Tech Angels
The Magdalena Team is asking for Seva Beings to take on the role of Magdalena Tech Angels, with the following qualities:

  • Needs basic computer navigation skills.
  • Knows the basic functions of Telegram

Training will be provided                                         
Connect with Magdalena Support if you think you can serve as a Magdalena Tech Angel

Website Announcement
The Magdalena team is very much aware that our website has been posing difficulties and challenges. Please know that despite our repeated fixes, we are still having glitches that have caused technical fixes to be undone and content to disappear. At this point, we have decided to do a major rebuild of our Magdalena Healing website. In the meantime, we can offer guidance on how best to access your course content or send you direct links for webinar replays and The Path of a Magdalena.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please contact if you need assistance.
This month, use Sai Maa’s own homeopathic formulas to support your work in the shift from wrath and judgement to love and compassion. Use throughout the day to bring awareness to patterns, bring new ones to surface, and empower and activate these divine qualities within you!

Love Essence was specifically formulated to serve in embodying the frequency of Divine Love.

Magdalena Presence Essence was formulated to clear your energetic system, activate Christ consciousness, and amplify within you the qualities of love, devotion, surrender, action, tenderness and power.

Use code COMPASSION in the boutique to save 30% on Love Essence and Magdalena Presence Essence through midnight MT on June 31st.
In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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