This is the final newsletter of the year!
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March 2020
Final Newslettter
This will be your final newsletter for the 2019-2020 Advanced Program. It has been our great joy to serve you this year and to watch your growth as you stepped into your role as Magdalenas.    
Thank you for being part of this community.  Each one of you is so uniquely a Magdalena.
Special Announcement!
Magdalena Sessions may be offered Remotely

Sai Maa has just given us permission to offer Magdalena Sessions remotely.

An email is going out to you with specific guidelines on this so please watch for it.
There will be specific instructions for all practitioners in the email!  Please read it carefully.

The most important points are that the sessions may be offered by both certified and student practitioners, however the student practitioners (those who have not completed their 25 practice sessions) may not charge for the sessions.   

At this time, student practitioners may use 15 of these remote sessions towards their certification requirement, however they must first practice on two of their Magdalena colleagues.

We will also offer a webinar at 1:30 pm EDT this Sunday (after your final webinar see below)  to answer questions.
Final Satsang
Our final Satsang together will be Sunday, March 22 at 12:30 pm EDT. This will be a special time to come together as a community and share about our "Magdalena Why", especially how it may have shifted, expanded and taken you to places you never even dreamed of when you first started the program.
Advanced Program
We are thrilled at the number of registrations for the Advanced Program so far. Within a few weeks we will be sending you a survey to let us know your preferences for your Magdalena Circle.  As you requested, our plan is to keep the groups small so that you have plenty of time to share about what is deepening within you as we move through the teachings of Master Jesus to Mary in the Beloved Companion. If you have not registered yet please click here for program information.

Please contact if you have any questions.
New Benefit for our Us Members
Magdalena Healing is pleased to let you know that we have created a partnership with Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA) to bring our US members affordable Professional and General Liability Insurance specifically for Professional Healers and Instructors.

EMPA is specifically dedicated to Energy Healing modalities and knows the  industry, they are a great match for our community’s insurance needs.
You can get liability insurance for your practices starting as low as $235 a year. Check out this coverage today!
EMPA offers:
Same day coverage approval
Over 88 specific modalities covered now including Magdalena Healing!
Coverage for home practice, on the job, at a clients, volunteering, virtual/distant work and teaching
Supporting over 3,500 energy and holistic practitioners
Trusted for over 10 years
EMPA is endorsed by more than 17 healing associations and modalities
The Practical Path® Medical Intuition has negotiated a 10% off discount on the price of insurance for our members. On the insurance application use this promo code MH10.
For coverage details and application go to: EMPA website:
Questions? Contact EMPA at 210-960-8807 or email at

Stay connected with other Magdalenas
Our year may be over but you can still be connected with other Initiated Magdalenas through our Telegram Group.
In Service to the Divine Feminine,
The Magdalena Healing Team

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